CANBIZ ONLINE's mission is to serve as fertilizer for growing businesses from start to profit to prosperity.


We aim to provide software services or infrastructure to small and medium size businesses. That makes us acting in a half as a middleman.

CANBIZ ONLINE provides cloud-based all-in-one Point of Sale, Inventory Management and CRM software for retailers and restaurants, on all devices (tablet, IPad, computer and Smartphone) that can run a browser using Windows, IOS and Android with a focus on multi-location operations. With the perspective to complete our offer by online marketing, listing and full e-commerce options tending to an ecosystem of business.

We aim to empower retailers and restaurants of all over the world to focus mainly on business while they don’t have to care IT, by providing a solution that is easy to use, cost effective, and technologically superior and scalable.

We put at retailers’ hands a fully integrated front-end and back-office functionality for their stores, warehouses, and head office into a unified software set. With us, the customer pays an affordable subscription price for three essential management of his / her business: Point of Sale (POS), Inventory Management and Customer Relation Management (CRM).

CANBIZ ONLINE is becoming the more and more trusted cloud solution for small and medium size businesses, in the US, the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa from one-store to up to 10 stores corporate-run retail chains and restaurants.

Primarily, we focus on small and medium-sized enterprises empowering them with pre-defined or customizable on-demand solutions.
In an exceptional second approach, we look for partnership to support NGOs, foundations, social business network, Government entities that finance or recapitalize micro-enterprises or promoting impact investment vs charity to empower entrepreneurs that need financial and managerial facilities and also those who benefit credit from Micro Finance Institutions and specific Non-governmental organizations.

We backup your growth. You need more capability to align with your growing number of stores or restaurants and workforces, is done from a click. We provide more for less, compared to any other software business provider.