Some CANBIZ ONLINE’s Features and functionalities to meet merchant critical needs

By Joe | Nov 01, 2018

CANBIZ online (Monthly or annual subscription)

Your business’ growth Fertilizer!

Canbiz online is an all-in-one POS, Inventory management, CRM software is like a fertilizer built to help growing and prospering small and medium size businesses globally.

We enable you to easily forecast, make and track sales, manage your inventory and improve your capability to attract more customers. Our system is built to be customizable for your distinct needs and to outfit your type and size of business. Then, try us out, we offer a very large range of features that won't only fit your company now but also in the coming years. Set up your free trial Canbiz online easily and effortlessly manage what really matters: customers and your entire business. Canbiz online Dashboard is very intuitive

Sign in from any device and track results day over day, week over week or year over year, to see what’s working best to run your business profitably. We bring productiveness to grow and prosper your business. Get real-time sales and stock reports by item or tender type, and search refunds and discounts. Keep tracking your business from anywhere.

Sign in to your account on to access all your data. Check your most crucial sales information from anywhere in the universe. Some Features and functionalities that are really taken in consideration in Canbiz online to meet merchant critical needs:

  • Several locations
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Product Return / Refund management
  • PAYMENTS: Accepting and processing cash, credit, debit, checks, crypto such as BTC…
  • CUSTOMERS: How customer information is stored, managed, and updated.
  • INVENTORY: How product information is added, monitored, and updated.
  • Terminal compatibility: (PC / Mac / Mobile)
  • Size and color in a sub category
  • Rrinted receipt
  • Receipt sent by email
  • Under card payment options we have to include the type of card used and the currency
  • Loyalty part for customers,
  • Option for multiple currencies
  • Inventory linked with the sales to avoid selling a product which is not available in stock.
  • Desktop features to easily link the system with any printer and not limited to only certain thermal printer.
  • Option to use Categories in home POS screen instead of individual items which require too much searching
  • Short code (Alt+Shift)
  • Pre-configuration button for suggested amount like 100, 500, 1000
  • Pay later, partially paid account or invoice.
  • Daily close out for records. Kind of like the Shift mode for employees
  • Very simple customizable UI and very light in ram.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries.

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